Pamela Myers Copyright洸 2008

This Suncatcher was designed by me a couple of years ago after I had made Sue Hanson's Crystals in a Ring.

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SR.......split ring


If you do not know how to cover a curtain ring you will find a tutorial in my Tat-skool pages.

You will need:-

Brass curtain ring 20mm,

6 pearl rice/oat beads /6mm,

18 round pearl beads 2mm

Bangle 70mm, (I found the most beautiful pink sparkly one to match my thread.)

2 shuttles preferably one with a point.

Paper clip or safety pin.

Size 20 thread,I used Flora 20

NB.The quantities and sizes given worked for my particular materials and tension. If you are using different materials such as a plastic ring or a different thread or tat looser than I do then you may have to adjust the stitch count. It is worth doing a trial run covering the ring and counting the number of stitches to determine how many to make between each rice pearl.

If the motif is too big or too small to fit into the bangle reducing the stitch count of the rings to 8 or using a 60mm bangle might be necessary.

Thread 1 rice pearl and 12 round pearls before winding thread onto Sh1,

I used about 3m thread you may need more depending on your tension.

Leave a tail of 1.25m ( you may need more).

*Make 9 stitches on the curtain ring

Make a picot the length of the rice pearl, pull the thread through the rice pearl and hold in position with a paper clip or safety pin( picture 1). The rice pearl and pin can be removed when you are ready to make the next picot and re used for the next picot.*

Repeat from * to * 4 times.

9 stitches

Bring rice pearl from shuttle and thread tail through it leading out of the curtain ring(picture 2).

Thread 6 round pearls onto the tail and wind tail onto Sh2.

Using Sh1

*Bring round pearl from Sh1 before you start the first ring.

SR1 9 / 9

Place round pearl on hand

R2 9 B 9

Bring round pearl up from Sh2

SR2 9 / 9

Thread rice pearl on to next picot and lock join to it with Sh2*

repeat from * to *5 times

Cut threads leaving several inches, tie to start of first spit ring (between pearl and Sh2 thread and bring threads to left of the pearl to tie,and hide the ends by pulling them down through the bugle bead. Cut.

Sew onto bracelet using invisible or silver thread taking the thread through the round pearls, and anchoring firmly with half hitches. Take the thread round and round the bangle until you get to the next pearl. It is handy to fasten the motif at each pearl to the bangle with a temporary thread to get them positioned correctly.

This motif repeated would make a nice mat.

If you have any problems email me.

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